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Colour and B&W Film Processing


Pixels Plus offers processing for all currently manufactured types of C41 Colour and black & white roll film. This page covers processing, scanning to photo CDs, and printing for Colour and black & white 35mm film. Customers can select print sizes from 3.5 x5 inches up to 8x12 inches from 35mm film. Prints from 120/220 rolls are not available but Pixels Plus can develop them for you (see below price). Prints are available in glossy or matte surface. Pixels Plus offer single or double prints from your roll. Contact sheets or index prints are also available from 35mm rolls.

Developing & Printing Colour

35mm FilmSingle Set (4x6 Inch)Second Set (4x6 inch)
24 Exposure$18.50$7.00
36 Exposure   $23.50$10.00
 Single Set (5x7 inch)Second Set (5x7 Inch)
24 Exposure$26.95$12.00
36 Exposure$35.95$18.00
To supplied USB with Prints$4.00 extra 
To Pixels Plus CD with prints$5.00 extraN/A
Below Services AreWithout Prints IncludedSix or More Films
Develop Only$8.50$7.70
Develop & scan to CD$16.50$14.90
Develop & Scan to supplied USB18.00$16.50
Develop & Scan to Pixels Plus USB29.95$19.95 (To Same USB)
Develop & Upload Images$25.00$22.50


White border, gloss or satin finish are available N/C


APS FilmSingle SetSecond Set
25 Exposure$17.50$6.25
40 Exposure$22.85$10.00
Develop Only$7.50N/A
Index Print$2.00N/A
CD with Prints$5.00N/A


White Borders, Gloss or Satin finish are available N/C

Prices are based on $6.85 developing cost plus 35¢ per print up to 24exp and 25¢ per print thereafter. Second sets at 25¢ per print.

Developing & Printing Black & White

35mm film

Number of ExposuresDevelop OnlyDevelop and CDDevelop and PrintsDevelop, 4x6in Prints and CDExtra Set of Prints




Number of ExposuresIncl. 5x7'' printsExtra Set6x8'' printsExtra Set


White Borders, Gloss or Satin finish are available N/C

120mm film

 Colour Film Price

 Black & White Film

 Develop only  $10.50 (Cut and sleeved $2.5) Develop only $17.50 (Cut and sleeved $2.5)
 Develop & Scan $25.50 Standard Resolution (16 MB) Develop & Scan $33.50 Standard Resolution (16 MB)
  $45.50 High Resolution (45 MB)  $55.50 High Resolution (45 MB)



6x4in Prints from 120mm Negatives At Time Of Scanning

1 - 10$1.00
11 - 2090c
21 - 3080c
31 - plus75c
We can print up to 8x12in (20x30cm) straight from the negative. Please click Enlargements for prices.


Prints From 35mm Slides in 6 x 4

1st Slide$5.00$5.00
Next 2 - 10$2.00$1.50
11 Plus$1.50$1.50
Additional Copies Off The Same ImageN/A$1.00
CDs Produced At Time Of ScanningN/A$5.00


We can print up to 8x12in (20x30cm) straight from the negative. Please click Enlargements for prices.