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COVID-19 Update

To all our customers, please note:⁣

What we're doing to help you shop safely

We continue to put in place additional safety measures to help look after our staff and customers:

  • Increased cleaning in-store and for equipment such as counters and Photo Kiosks.
  • We are providing staff with masks and hand sanitiser.
  • Protective shield at the counter

Physical distancing measures

Here's how we're practising physical distancing in store:

  • 4 square meter rule enforced 
  • Posters outside the store and internally for checking in.
  • Requesting that customers use the 'Tap & Pay' options as the preferred method of payment.
  • Limiting customer numbers in-store.

There may be some delays in our busier times as we can only allow

a small number of customers in the store at a time.

Contactless services

Save time by paying for your film processing and film purchases online. In addition, the easy to use online printing solution through our website will help you save time in-store during your next trip to Pixels Plus.

We encourage customers to shop online or use our contactless POS in-store for payment.

Our teams are doing their best to serve our community.

Our teams are doing an incredible job working hard and doing their best to help customers get the products and services they need. However, we ask customers to respect social distancing laws and the rights of other customers in the store. We appreciate everyone's patience during this time.

We'll keep everyone informed of the additional precautionary steps we are taking through in-store signage. In addition, we will keep this page relevant with the most up-to-date information that may affect our store.

If you have any questions or want to know more about the steps we are taking to protect our customers and staff, contact us online or call 94374247

The shops opening hours have gone back to pre-COVID hours and days.  Click & Collect orders will still be available still. We accept online orders through our website as usual and film jobs via our drop box in front of the shop. PayPal payments are possible with the QR code displayed in the box or in-store as normal. 


Film Developing is back to the pre-lockdown Monday and Thursday processing days. (Meaning twice a week ).

Our online store will continue to operate as usual, open for business 24/7, and we will accept jobs by post as well, and this can be anything from Shoebox scanning jobs to rolls of film to slides, etc.

We appreciate the support we have received from our loyal customers and hope to continue providing our services throughout the lockdown.

We need to take precautions when handling all rolls of films, USBs, etc., sent in the post or placed in the shop's physical Dropbox (see link below for Dropbox form). So we would appreciate it if you could please wipe down all items with an alcohol wipe before sending. We will do the same when sending jobs back.

If you ordered prints online or have negatives here in the store, we are happy to send them to you in the post. Would you please call us with a delivery address and payment details for postage and handling?

We now have a delivery option at checkout through our online ordering system.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate in calling us at 94374247 or email us at

Pixels Plus Drop-Box

Located at front of shop.

For all dropped off film and negative orders download and print out the order form by clicking on the button below. Alternatively there are forms and bags available at the DropBox.

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