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Print Scanning Services

This service is for custom scanning and includes manual enhancement, we can scan to specific output sizes & resolutions with the intention of printing large prints or canvas. It is also for the scanning of torn, damaged, badly faded, off colour prints and if the originals need to be digitally restored.

The maximum size of original we can scan for the below prices is 8x12 inches (20x30cm).

For sizes larger than this, 16x20 inches (41x51cm) being the largest, a quote is needed.

Anything larger than 16x20 inches will need to be photographed, prices starting at $80 for this service.

Original Size scanning at 300dpi

Quality Price
1st print Scan $4.50
2-10 Print Scans $3.50
11 Plus Print Scans $3.10
CD of Print Scans $8.50
Upload to USB $3.50

*Scans will produce a print size same as original print.


Higher Resolution Scanning

Final Scan Size in Inches Final Size in CM Approx. jpg File Size in MB Price per scan 1-5 Price per scan 6+
10x15 25x38 38.60 $8.00 $6.50
12x18 30x45 55.60 $10.00 $8.50
16x24 40x60 98.90 $12.00 $9.50
20x30 50x76 154.50 $14.00 $11.00
24x36 60x90 222.50 $17.00 $13.00
28x42 70x107 302.80 $25.00 $20.00
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