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Photo Restorations

Many old photos suffer from discolouration, mould, or damage like creases, rips or stains. You would be amazed at how we can restore these photographs to a beautiful condition. We can also replace or remove people, objects, etc., from your original prints and provide you with a new photo or digital image.

Pixels Plus has the best photo retouches in Sydney, we have been operating on the Lower North Shore of Sydney, in Crows Nest, for over 30 years, and we take great pride in our photo retouching & restoration services.

Please bring your photos or slides for a quote on restoring them and look at our restoration samples?

You can also send us digital files or scanned images by using the link below, but please email us at to inform us of the upload:

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Restore Your Photos Today

Your damaged photos may not be lost. Restore your photos and bring them to life.

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