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Memorial Photo Scanning & Funeral Slide Shows

Honour departed loved ones with a touching memorial slideshow.

It’s never easy to lose our loved ones, and deciding how to mourn our loss and celebrate their lives can be difficult and very emotional.

How you choose to remember your loved one is a personal decision, and Pixels Plus may be able to help. First, we can create a memorial slideshow that shares the stories of their lives. Then, at a wake or other ceremony, it will help friends and family relive times spent with them. Plus,  you will be able to watch the slideshow again and again – long after they’re gone, helping to preserve their legacy.


  • We can digitise photos or videos combined in the creation of your slideshow.
  • If your digital photos are messy, we offer digital organising to get you started.
  • We can bulk scan all your photos using our SHOE BOX SCANNING Service.
  • We scan all your NEGATIVES and SLIDES digitally and convert all your VIDEOS from all formats (e.g. VHS, Hi8, DV Mini, 8m & 16mm film) to DVD or USB.
  • We at Pixels Plus know how crucial a job like this can be and will always do our best work within a tight schedule.

Funerals and memorial services are emotional events. Relive some fond memories while choosing photos and videos, then our experts can ensure you have one less thing to worry about as we scan in all the precious content, making you a beautiful slideshow.

If you choose to create your slideshow, that is fine with us, and we can SCAN all your photos and organise all the digital content for you to use in your slideshow.

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