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Video Transfers

Video tapes to DVD

We accept all domestic formats: VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi-8, Digital 8, Beta Max, MiniDV.

Prices below are for up to 2 hours of recording on tape. Exceeding two hours on a longer, for example 3 or 4 hour tape,

will mean and extra tape charge. Maximum Charge per tape will equal that of two tapes. For example, 4 three hour tapes will cost the price of 8 tapes. 


1 Tape (Over two hours add another tape charge)$48.00
2-5 Tapes (Over two hours add another tape charge)$32.00 each
6-11 Tapes (Over two hours add another tape charge)$28.80 each
12-15 Tapes (Over two hours add another tape charge)$25.60 each
16 & Over (Over two hours add another tape charge)$22.40 each


Other Video Formats to DVD

Including – HD Mini DV, DV Cam, Beta Cam SP, U-Matic Formats



 1 Tape (Over two hours add another tape charge)$64.00
2-5 Tapes (Over two hours add another tape charge)$40.00 each
6-11 Tapes (Over two hours add another tape charge)$36.80 each
12-15 Tapes (Over two hours add another tape charge)$33.60 each
16 & Over (Over two hours add another tape charge)$30.40 each
  • Extra copies $16.00
  • All original tapes are returned.
  • Transfer process will take a minimum of two weeks.
  • We can transfer both PAL and NTSC formats at no extra charge.
  • Cost is per tape up to 3hrs duration on each tape.

8mm and 16mm Movie Film to DVD

Formats we accept are: STD 8mm, super 8mm Film Formats; Please allow three weeks turnaround for this service.


(Charge is in per feet measurement of Film)


501-1000ft$0.29cents per foot
1001-2000ft$0.24cents per foot
Over 2000ft$0.23cents per foot


  • Additional DVD copies $16.00
  • Movie film will be returned along with original reels and canisters.
  • Background music- (ask store for details)


Please Note:

Film reel sizes & cost

A 3" film reel is 50ft = $48.00

A 5" film reel is 200ft = $120.00

A 7" film reel is 400ft = $160.00


Tape Repair / Cleaning

Repair broken / snapped tapes - $60


All DVDs whether from movie film or tape will include the following:
  • Intelligent Chapters - We offer the Chapter points automatically detected at natural scene breaks in the video or movie film footage, included with EVERY DVD.
  • DVD Chapter Menus - Chapter menus with thumbnail pictures taken from your video representing the chapters appear on the DVD screen menu, included with EVERY DVD.
  • Background Music - Your choice of background music for your super 8, standard 8 or 16mm movie film reels, 35mm slides or photos to DVD

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


What does the process do?

Our technology automatically converts videotape to DVD-R.


Not only does our technology convert the tape to digital format, but it also adds convenient on-screen chapter menus, allowing you to move from scene to scene using your DVD remote control or your PC's mouse. Simply move the cursor to the scene you want to view and select it.

Why convert from tape to DVD?

Tapes deteriorate over time, use and environment.


DVDs and CDs can be conveniently viewed on your notebook or desktop computer, with suitable player, or your TV with a DVD player.


DVDs have index or chapter points that enable you to select marked points directly, without fast forward or rewinding.


DVDs can have perfect copies that are easily backed up, and although can be scratched, unlike tape, it will not tangle, jam or fall apart.


DVDs are more likely to survive a disaster such as flood or storm damage.

How long do tapes survive?

A standard VHS tape will give about 50 good quality viewings. Each time the tape is run through the player, is sufferers greater damage, i.e. incremental damage, as some of the magnetic coating wears.


A video tape is magnetic, and the magnetism is affected by leakage, transference between the tape windings, exterior electrical and magnetic forces, including the earths magnetism. It says a great deal for tape technology that tapes last as long as they do.


Video tapes gradually turn brittle and break, with VHS expected to start serious deterioration at about 15 years.



How long does processing take?Once Yes Video Pty Ltd receives your tape, your order is usually processed within 2 to 4 weeks. The whole turnaround time is usually about 2 weeks. Extra services such as film, slides, negatives and photos to DVD can add up to 2 weeks to the delivery time.
How many tapes can fit onto one DVD?Our technology allows you to convert one tape with a total of 1 hour to DVD. The process automatically creates chapter points from each tape.
Do I get my original videotapes back?Absolutely! When processing is complete, your videotapes are returned to you with your completed order.
I'm worried about losing my videotapes.We're very sensitive about handling our customers' videotaped memories. In order to make sure each videotape is as secure as it can be, we track each job with a unique identification number.
What happens if my original tape is faulty.

We will visually check every tape for dirt, dust, signs of damage and wear. If we see that the tape is not in good clean condition, we will return the tape to you, as we cannot run suspect tapes through our system.


As part of the production service every disc is checked that every scene starts to play. If any faults are found with the disc, we will attempt to make another disc from your video, and if this is still unsuccessful your tape will be returned and no charge made for processing.

Do we edit the movie?

Pixels Plus themselves do not offer any editing services, or transfer from certain formats.

Will my new DVD play in my home DVD player or computer DVD-Rom drive?

Our DVD will play on approximately 99.9% of the DVD players in distribution. Because of differing DVD formats, a few very old players will not read our DVD. Our DVDs are stored on recordable discs, DVD-R, so if your player reads DVD-R it is likely it will read our DVD. As a rule of thumb, newer DVD players are more likely to read DVD-R than players made before 2000.


Our discs are designed for playback on both standalone DVD players and on Computers running Windows 2000 to the latest version of Windows with a DVD drive and DVD playback software.


A Macintosh computer running System X can be used to playback our DVDs.

What's your return policy if I do not like my DVD or it does not work in my player?

Pixels Plus visually tests every one of the chapters on every DVD or CD we create, as part of our standard quality assurance system by one of our staff. We will replace your DVD if it is found to be defective upon viewing, without question. However if the original tape is in a bad condition, or the images are unclear, we cannot improve on the original.

When did Pixels Plus start offering the service in Australia?

Pixels Plus has been operating from 1990 from its Crows Nest location.

Will you process copyrighted materials?

Videotapes of copy-write protected materials may not be submitted for conversion to Pixels Plus without the permission of the copyright owner. For example under copyright laws, we cannot process commercial videos, videotaped copies of TV shows, and wedding videos created by a professional photographer without the videographers written permission.

Will you process illegal or obscene materials?We will not knowingly process any videotape that contains illegal or obscene content. If we discover such a tape, Pixels Plus reserves the right to refuse service for that particular order.