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Shoebox Scanning

Shoebox scanning is a high-speed system of scanning that allows the staff at Pixels Plus to digitise large numbers of your precious photographs.

Pixels Plus are able to scan prints & documents from as small as 9cmx6cm up to 20cmx30cm or A4 and put them on to CD, DVD or USB Drive at very low price.

The service is a great way to preserve all your photographs. You will be able to share them over the internet, easily make more prints and enjoy a digital slide show on your computer or TV ( if TV supports jpg image preview).

This service is not for old prints from the 1960's or earlier, or for torn, damaged, bent, fragile or prints that have anything sticky on the back. Not suited for Polaroids or carded prints as well.

Please note that these are high-speed auto scans and not manual high resolution professional scans, for this service prices start at $5.00 per scan and for more information on this service please click the link or go to our print scanning services page.

Most prints and documents will be able to go through our high-speed scanning service, but delicate old photographs, Polaroid prints, mounted prints on card and torn or damaged photographs will need to be manually scanned, which also include manual enhancement.

Please note that photos from Magnetic albums (Sticky page albums) can not be scanned through our High Speed Auto Shoebox Scanning Service, but can still be manually scanned. Please put these these prints along with any other nonconforming prints in a separate shoebox or folder. Manual scanning is at $2 per scan.


Shoe Box Scanning Prices

Minimum Charge is $49.00 Per Order 

Quantity Per Scan
100-199 prints 49¢
200-299 prints 47¢
300-399 prints 44¢
400-499 prints 39¢
500-599 prints 37¢
600-799 prints 34¢
800-999 prints 29¢
1000+ prints 27¢
2000+ prints 24¢



Our high-speed photo scanning service is designed to digitally preserve your regular photos. This service is not designed to archive professional images with museum-quality clarity. We do provide both services and for individual high-resolution scans please consult the price list under Print Scanning Services. High-speed photo scans are as little as 24¢ each when you provide 2,000 or more photos

Ordering Shoe Box Scans

  • Sort your prints in the order you would like them scanned, within their relative print sizes. Meaning all the 4x6in prints together, then your 5x7in, 6x8in, etc. From small sizes up to the largest possible for this service.
  • Please rotating your prints: For vertical images, make sure heads are to the right. For horizontal images, make sure prints are upright. We will rotate your images for you, at an additional charge of $10 per 100 prints.
  • If the prints are from different albums and or boxes you can place a paper marker cut to the relative print size between your prints e.g. with Europe Vacation 1990 written on it, And we will scan the marker along with your prints prints.
  • If you're in the Sydney area ,bring your box of prints to Pixels Plus. Click here for store locations and hours.
  • Outside the Sydney Area? Contact us for ordering instructions.
  • Please fill out the ordering form. Use the link below.
Order Form

Shoe Box Scan Add-Ons

  • Order a 4x6 print of each image for only $0.24 each when ordered at time of scanning.
  • All images must be printed for this low price to apply.
  • DVD Slide Shows cost $45.00 and Can be played on most home DVD players for viewing on TV.
  • This service is great for birthday parties, special occasions and funerals.
  • Add extra DVDs at $15 each or extra CDs at $5.00 each.
  • Have your prints scanned at a higher resolution (600 dpi), charged at the same rate as 300dpi plus 50%
  • Turn your scans into a collage. We can print on photo paper, adhesive wall paper or canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my photos need to be removed from albums? Yes they do. The Shoe Box scanning service is for loose photos only. The prints must be loose, preferably from slip-in albums as the prints can not have any double sided tape or tabs, glue or Blue Tack on them as you will usually have when removing from a dry-mount album (photo corners are fine). We can scan these prints, but they will need to be scanned manually at the $2 per scan price.
What is the resolution of my scanned photos? All photos are scanned at 300 dpi from the original print size. A standard 4x6 usually is about 6MB in uncompressed size. These scans are ideal for emailing, social media websites and printing to their original size.
Can you scan my photos at a higher resolution? Yes, we can also scan at 600 dpi from the original print size. Larger scans are charged at the same rate plus 50%. These scans are ideal if you plan to print larger than the original size and crop your images.
What is the charge if I order less than 100 prints at a time? $49.00 is the minimum price of the order, so if you order less than 100 prints at a time, the total charge will still be $49.00, plus additional charges for for add-ons, if ordered.
How long will it take to complete my scanning order? Pixels Plus will scan most orders within one week of receiving your order. This will depend on your additional products and quantity of scans.
Can I get my prints scanned in a specific order? Yes, we can do that. Simply sort your prints in the order you want them scanned and in their relative sizes e.g. 4x6, 5x7, etc. Make sure to clearly indicate that this is the order you would like them to end up on the CD. You can also place a paper divider, cut to the relative size, to mark the start and end of a particular album or box that the photos are from and we will scan them along with your photos. Please do your best to have the orientation of all landscape prints facing upright and all portrait prints laying in a landscape position as well.
Can you scan photos that are stuck in albums? Yes, we can! But the bulk-scanning price does not apply because we cannot insert complete pages in our scanners. We can scan individual prints in the album or scan the page as a whole if it's not to big for the scanner, without having to remove the prints. This is classed as a manual scan and the cost starts at $5.00 per scan.
Can you scan small photos too? Yes we can. Wallet size (2.5x3.5in) is the smallest size we can scan using the Shoe Box Service. Anything smaller will have to be manually scanned at $2.00 per scan.
What happens if my pictures are curled or bent? Any photo that is creased badly or torn will not be scanned. All photos must be able to lay reasonably flat when stacked with other photos.