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Wide format & Canvas Printing


Some Canvas and Photo Enlargements Can Take Upto 10 Days, Please Call Us on 02 94374247 Before Ordering If Needed By a Particular Date.


Order Prints  

Please use the "Order Prints" link for all basic Print jobs except for large Professional images and custom print sizes. Use "Order Canvas & Collage" for all Canvas prints and Collage print options.


For large images and custom print sizes use the Dropbox Link for these types of jobs.


For Dropbox Please provide us with contact details & brief instructions of what you would like us to do.


For example, what finish you would like your prints, the quantity & size.


You can send more than one image at a time by left clicking with your mouse and dragging your selection.


It is possible to send up to 2GB of images for printing or a very large image for wide format or canvas printing.

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Large Format Printing

Enlargements Gloss or Pearl Finish


(original peel & stick, polyester fabric).

Pearl Metallic Finish
10 x 15''25 x 38cm$19.95$15.00$27.95
11 x 14''28 x 35cm$21.95$15.00$31.00
11.7 x 16.5A3$23.50$15.00$32.95
12 x 16''30 x 40cm$22.95$15.00$32.50
12 x 18''30 x 45cm$24.95$15.00$34.95

Gloss or Pearl



original peel & stick, polyester fabric.

Pearl Metallic Finish
16 x 20''40 x 50cm$28.95$17.50$40.50
16 x 24''40 x 60cm$31.00$18.50$43.50
16.5 x 23.4''A2$31.95$19.50$44.95
20 x 24''50 x 60cm$39.95$25.00$55.95
20 x 30''50 x 76cm$69.95$45.00$97.95
24 x 30''60 x 76 cm$89.95$55.00$125.00
24 x 35''60 x 89cm$120.00$75.00$165.00


We can print custom sizes as well, up to 36 inches (91.4cm) in width.

Canvas Prints Stretched & Framed

Standard Size Price
11 x 14''28 x 35.5cm$60.00
12 x 16''30 x 41cm$70.00
12 x 18''30 x 45cm$80.00
16 x 20''41 x 51cm$100.00
16 x 24"41 x 61cm$125.00
20 x 24"51 x 61cm$135.00
20 x 30"51 x 76cm$150.00
30 x 40"76 x 102cm$220.00
40 x 60"102 x 152cm$420.00

 Square Sizes

12 X 12"30 x 30cm$60.00
14 x 14"35 x 35cm$75.00
16 x 16"41 x 41cm$85.00
18 x 18"45 x 45cm$100.00
20 x 20"51 x 51cm$130.00
24 x 24"61 x 61cm$160.00
30 x 30"76 x 76cm$200.00
40 x 40"102 x 102cm$270.00

Long Rectangular Sizes

12 x 24"30 x 61cm$120.00
20 x 40"51 x 102cm$260.00
30 x 60"76 x 152cm$370.00

Panorama Sizes

12 x 40"30 x 102cm$230.00
20 x 60"51 x 152cm$380.00

For Canvas printed only and not framed Deduct 30% off price.